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Recommendation for Hope District Of on Facebook
22 Oct 2017

Bonnie B.: I need a Notary or Commissioner of Oaths. I have documents that need swearing by the 24th(Tuesday) without leaving the Hope area. I called one but she wont be in town this week The other didnt even answer or have voicemail on Friday. If you a Commissioner or know of a Notary that is available here in Hope before then please post, pm or message me. Thank you
Sharlene H.: You can go to the District offices ... call them on Monday. It might depend on the type of document but I have used the District several times. 604 869 5671. Open at 8:30 am. No charge for this from the District.
Recommendation for Hope District Of on Facebook
08 Jul 2017

Jill C.: ***UPDATE! The pup has been reunited with his owner!*** My boyfriend found this dog this morning curled up by a tree down by the river on Wardle near the boat launch. Anyone know where to take it or who might be missing it? Poor thing! He's been sitting out there with it but can't bring it home because we have a dog that hasn't learned how to be with other dogs yet...
Tina F.: Could you please call me at the District of Hope. I have talked to the owner of the dog. 604-869-5671
Recommendation for Chilliwack City Hall on Facebook
22 Oct 2016

Marci R.: I've tried googling and can't seem to get a clear answer. Could some one please tell me if marble hill is considered in "city limits" where would I find out for licensing requirements? Thanks
Sarah F.: If you go to and go to the online mapping system, you can look up your address to see if you fall within jurisdiction. Also the same for fraser valley regional district
Recommendation for Fraser Valley Municipal Hall on Facebook
14 May 2016

Leslie J.: Are there any toddler swim classes, or private lessons here in hope? :)
Debra G.: I'm pretty sure I saw that the rec center has some. Stop by there and pick up their program guide, or I think you can download it at Their phone number is 604-869-2304, too...
Recommendation for Surrey City Of on Facebook
23 Mar 2015

Michelle G.: Anyone have photography location suggestions for the Surrey/Delta area? Looking for outdoor/garden locations of the sort. If anyone has photos they'd like to share, if really appreciate seeing them! My wedding is May 9th, hopefully the weather holds up a bit. :) Thanks for any suggestions!
Alaina B.:
Recommendation for Fraser Valley Municipal Hall on Facebook
22 Mar 2015

Heather A.: Where do I find a place to licence my dog at in chilliwack?
Lindsay T.: Fraser Valley Regional District 45950 Cheam Avenue, Chilliwack Phone: 604.702.5000
Cheryl V.: Fraser Valley Regional District on the corner of Cheam and Young, 4 th floor.
Recommendation for City Of Langley on Facebook
16 Sep 2013

Sarah N.: Who knows of a good park in the area with paved trails? I'm wanting to take M out on his new scooter today!!
Kim H.:
Kim H.: looks like there is a paved trail all the way from 208 th to 200 th in Langley city :) "floor-plain trail"

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