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Recommendation for Bob And Cobys Toys And Collectibles on Facebook
24 Dec 2015

Amanda G.: I'm just wondering does anyone know where I can find model cars the ones you build and do yourself? I looked at Walmart today and nothing and really don't want to be running all over town looking for one. Lol. Thanks :)
Maria W.: give these guys a call...maybe they do....and if not they may know where. Bob and Cobys Toys and Collectibles 5725 Vedder Rd (604) 824-0801
Maria W.:
Recommendation for Paper Moon Gifts & Toys on Facebook
25 Nov 2015

Kate B.: is there a place in town that sells off-hand humorous, borderline offensive holiday cards? I'll settle for something unique and/or handmade. thanks!
Dana R.:
Recommendation for Play Room Toy Shop The on Facebook
13 Nov 2015

Jaime E.: Where is the playroom toy shop located now?
Lisa D.:
Recommendation for Sector 2816 Comics & Toys on Facebook
09 Oct 2013

Doublelift: Any suggestions for cool places to go in Vancouver Chinatown?
Ryan N.: Real answer; Sector 2814 Comics & Toys Maple Ridge's Friendly Local Comic Shop since 2007. Comics, Toys, Cards, and Collectibles. Page: 295 like this
Recommendation for Cat's Meow The on Facebook
19 Apr 2012

Rebecca G.: Anyone know where I can get a Cats Meow of the town hall? My mom has one from years ago, but Id like to get one to start my own collection.
Krista K.: ....keep in mind Becky that Cats Meow piece could be NO LONGER IN limited run...might have to contact their website OR - maybe Amherst Historical Society MIGHT be making their own version of the Cat Meow Amherst Townhall.

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