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Latest reviews for local Transportation Services

Review for Abbotsford Mission Taxi on Directory
02 Apr 2023

The website is all lies they do not deliver they are not a courier they are assholes
Review for Abbotsford Mission Taxi on Directory
16 Nov 2022

I just called for a cab that the ministry of social Development is paying for but was a little late on sending the P.O number. The ignorant dispatcher arrogantly In a aggressive loud voice stated "you can't just charge a ride to whom ever you want. The fair won't be paid for with out a P.O number that we don't have" and angrly hung up the phone. I was appalled and felt so disrespectfed. I was polite to her, it could've been resolved in a classy and collective manner with out being ignorant and closed minded to me trying to get a free ride by charging it to the ministry. I hope she feels embarrassed when the ministry calls her and get the po number to her soon. Quit your day job lady your rude and shouldn't be working there.
Review for Central Fraser Valley Transload & Sales Ltd on Directory
12 Oct 2022

I have lived here for almost 20 years and myself and neighbors have had nothing but problems with this business and the horrific dust and rat problems they have. This effects a four block radius and its obvious this will never be brought up to safe operating standards. the new Rail District development next to this place will also have noise and poor air quality to deal with when occupied.
Review for Valley Airporter on Directory
16 Mar 2022

Friendly and Reliable Service. I will be sure to recommend it to everyone I know. Thank you guys so much!
Recommendation for Bc Ferries on Facebook
13 Dec 2015

Angela P.: Hi! I'm new to Terrace and would like to explore Haida Gwaii this summer camping with my young family. What is the best way to get there? Any recommendations would be appreciated. Thanks. 
Denise M.:
Recommendation for Hope Care Transit on Facebook
11 Dec 2014

Ryan T.: Hi folks. My family and I are new to town, from North Delta. I work a 4 on 4 off schedule and am looking for ways to get involved in the community, help people out and earn some extra money for my ever growing flock. I've got many ideas and skills to do so but am more curious what's needed mostly. Are there any particular services that are lacking around town? Are there any needs people have that are not being met? Thanks for any and all input. I look forward to meeting and getting to know the great people of this beautiful place!
Dolores G.: The "Better At Home" program could benefit from your skills Ryan Taylor. It's a program intended to keep seniors living in their own homes. I'm sure there are many seniors that require small maintenance jobs they cannot afford or handle by themselves. Also, "Care Transit" can always use drivers to transport people to their "out of town" medical appointments. Their # is (604) 869-3396.
Recommendation for Bc Ferries on Facebook
05 Dec 2014

Russell W.: Canada people!! Anyone know any good sites for getaways in Tofino?! Also car rental companies n shit....mans needs a little winter vacation
Sean O.: they have some good deals.
Recommendation for Transport Canada on Facebook
28 Feb 2014

Deborah P.: Can someone enlighten me to the rules of selling car seats? I know we're not allowed to sell them on this page but I'm wondering is it legal to sell them at all if they haven't expired? I feel terrible throwing a perfectly good 2-year-old infant seat in the trash. If they are legal to sell, does anyone know where you can sell them? Thanks for your advice!
Mary B.: New regulations regarding seats made prior to January 1,2012.

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