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Recommendation for Edge Nutrition on Facebook
11 Jun 2016

Nanda O.: Does anyone know where i can buy this product locally if possible?
Montana B.: Edge nutrition should be able to order it in for you if you can't find it. 604 824 1018. Talk to greg :)
Recommendation for Edge Nutrition on Facebook
28 Sep 2015

Sasha S.: I need PH test strips that go up to 14. I ran out and cant find them anywhere! Tried 3 stores.... any ideas?
Montana B.: Have you tried edge nutrition! 604 824 1018
Recommendation for Nutrition House on Facebook
09 Jul 2015

Miranda C.: Moving next week and looking for moving boxes. Any suggestions or does anyone have some that we can take off their hands? Thanks in advance :)
Tony K.: We occasionally have some at the nutrition house. If we get an order and u call us and request that we save some we can leave them for you until the end of the day. Just mention my name. 4165319999
Recommendation for Shaklee Independent Distributors on Facebook
19 Jan 2015

James M.: What kind of foods/ protein can we eat to bodybuild with that does not include any animal meats but allows us to bulk up with healthy muscle? Is casein protein available in protein shakes? Where can we get it?
James M.: Oh I guess not - nevermind haha My wife must have cancelled the website - but has the best spplements on the market I found over the last 8 years of research.. Plant based
Recommendation for Shaklee Independent Distributors on Facebook
19 Aug 2014

Claire R.: Can anyone recommend a good B12 supplement for a 12 year old girl? My daughter has decided she wants to follow me on my vegan journey. However, she doesn't like nooch, yeast extract or plant milks, all of which are fortified with B12. We're UK based.
Sylvia L.: Yes, please consider Shaklee B12. Go to Let me know if you did.
Recommendation for Shaklee Independent Distributors on Facebook
15 Mar 2014

Lamya A.: Can you suggest good tasting protein shakes i can get from a health store. The ones i have tried are not pleasing to my palette. Or if you have suggestions for from-scratch-homemade ones provide links.
Zie D.: www.herbalife..they have so many flavors..the other protein i'm taking since last year is ESP ( energizing soy protein) from SHAKLEE (
Recommendation for Pantry Natural Foods The on Facebook
01 Mar 2014

Teegans T.: ISO a good Health food store other than Chilliwack????
Shannon L.:
Recommendation for Shaklee Independent Distributors on Facebook
29 Nov 2013

Allen R.: Anyone recommend a good joint health supplement?
Rebecca G.: Joint Essentials from He's a natural path doctor in Wexford, and has a show on Serius radio. I don't take the joint essentials because you're not supposed to if you're allergic to shellfish, which it am, but I've taken a lot of their other stuff and have been happy. They say they're very high quality. Advanced Joint Health Complex from is another good one, my dad takes it.
Recommendation for Shaklee Independent Distributors on Facebook
11 Apr 2013

Marsha K.: Does anyone have any suggestions to help with anemia. I have had a hard time getting over the anemia that was diagnosed when the cancer was diagnosed. Taking the iron pills makes me sick, but I am doing it. i would like a more natural way to take care of it. I have been juicing kale in spinach but not helping. Any suggestions would be great. I was told by the dr that juicing would not fix it ;(
Daretta V.: Visit and type Iron in the search window. I can get these for you. It is a natural company that has helped our family (Rennie, Me, Wes and my mom) for many years with various things. Liqui-Lea with Iron is a very good source. Also if you like beef liver eat lots of that. Call me about the Shaklee.

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