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Review for Abbey Road Driving School on Directory
30 Aug 2023

Al made all the difference for my daughter. After 3 lessons with a different school, she was still not confident. A few lessons with Al and she passed her N on the first try! I really see a difference in her skill and confidence. You will not find a better instructor.
Review for Abbey Road Driving School on Directory
26 Jul 2023

Just got my N license for the first try! Amazing instructor. I have zero experience in driving. He guided and taught me all the knowledge and skills needed in driving.So I pass for the first try. He will difinitely help you in your journey in getting your license.Highly recommended.
Recommendation for Young Drivers Of Canada on Facebook
03 Apr 2018

Dillpickle_Rick: Driving classes for G2? Im a student at Carleton and have a G1. Need classes for G2. Any cheap suggestions? Want to start this May.
Goshawk77: There are cheap options, but I'd note this is one of the things in life you want to spend decent $ on. Young drivers is worth every penny - https://www.yd.com If that's too expensive, DTSM isn't awful - http://www.dtsm.ca Anything else tends to be fairly hit and miss in terms of quality imo.
Recommendation for Young Drivers Of Canada on Facebook
19 Mar 2018

Perdin: Vancouver Driving School Recommendations? Hey /r/Vancouver, I made a mistake of breaking my vow of never getting my L again after the tragedy 10 years. Now I have my L, and I feel like I should probably learn to drive. A few of my friends have offered to take their car out driving, but I feel for some reason it may be better to go through driving school (again) and use their car for the road test. I used to go to BestWay, but we all know what happened to them.
Xlxoxo: I went with Young Drivers and strongly recommend them. The "Defensive" driving principles is why I have nearly 30 years of safe driving record. They may cost more, but I got my money back with all the accidents I think I have avoided. https://www.yd.com/ https://www.youtube.com/user/YoungDriversofCanada/videos
Recommendation for Young Drivers Of Canada on Facebook
07 Mar 2016

Mikehasfudge: Driving school recommendations? I take transit everywhere but am seriously thinking of getting my licence and learning from a driving instructor. Am in Vancouver, over 25, have access to a family car. I would like to hear your recommendations.
Bohemianpunk: [Young Drivers of Canada](https://www.yd.com/). This is how I learned to drive when I was 16, but they teach adults too. I think at the time it was about $900 for the whole she-bang, with in-class lessons before you even get in a car, then driving in a specially-built car with an instructor (the car has brakes on the passenger side). Teaches not just basic driving but also emergency moves, good etiquette, and little tips & tricks (like that the tar circles on the road at intersections are sensors that you need to be on top of to get the light to change). I think it was worth it, but then again it wasn't my $900 at the time. Thanks mom!
Recommendation for Blanche Macdonald Centre on Facebook
08 Dec 2015

Kahlil D.: Hey hairdressers! My hair is a complete mess and I really want to go back to blonde! Anyone at the hair school want to take on the task of fixing my hair? Do you think it's possibly to go back platinum blonde when my hair is like this? Let me know! Someone please help!
Brittany J.: I would love to help you with your hair! Call in and book a consultation with me and I'll take a look and we'll figure out the best option for you :) +1 604-685-0337
Recommendation for Gente Bella Beauty Academy on Facebook
08 Oct 2014

Danica F.: Anyone know a good nail school and make up school in chilliwack ???
Catherine L.: They do it all http://www.beautyschool.ca/
Recommendation for Blanche Macdonald Centre on Facebook
01 Oct 2014

Ashley W.: does anyone know any good schools for nail tech thats not in quebec?
Brenda H.: Canada's no 1 Nail School -Blanchemacdonald.com it's in BC
Recommendation for Young Drivers Of Canada on Facebook
06 Sep 2014

Ashleey S.: Does anyone know how much drivers ed cost!:) ??
Jay W.: https://www.yd.com/

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