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Recommendation for Meals On Wheels on Facebook
01 Mar 2017

Sally B.: Hi everyone. I have a friend who is currently going through a difficult separation. She has 6 children and her husband is refusing to give her financial help for them and has removed money from their account. Can anyone recommend a family lawyer that would be able to give her some advice on which direction to take, and who has very cheap rates as she is really struggling financially?
Susanne L.: Maple ridge community services (behind London drugs) they have lots of resources of where to get advice. 604-467-6911.
Recommendation for Volunteer Opportunities on Facebook
27 Aug 2015

Bev J.: Where can I find a wheelchair to borrow/ or rent if cheap!!!!!!
Cheryl T.: There's a seniors resource society, maybe they can direct you, even if it's not for a senior???? 604 793 9979.
Recommendation for Volunteer Opportunities on Facebook
20 Jul 2015

Corinne B.: ISO for an electric scooter the kind that doesn't require a drivers license.(for an adult) For a person on a very tight budget. If it needs fixing up that is OK just needs to be reasonable priced and in running condition. Thank you :)!
Cheryl T.: Have you tried the Chwk and Dist Seniors Resources Society on Corbould, 604 793 9979
Recommendation for Volunteer Opportunities on Facebook
07 Sep 2013

Carson S.: For Discussion...Anyone know of a group that is based in the surrounding region (online or in RL) that is primarily focused on family members who take care and give support to their aging parents, grandparents, etc. who want to stay in their own homes? If there isn't any such "group" then perhaps one could be started. To share helpful information concerning their senior family members, links to government support, or just of a sharing place where the caregivers can share with other like minded individuals. Thoughts/suggestions/feedback on this topic would be welcome!
Katy A.: Www.seniors.gc.ca is a good site but I think it primarily helps with elder abuse type of things. There should be a seniors directory printed up somewhere of all the facilities and programs that are available for elders. I know we have one in victoria printed every year

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