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Review for Papa Plumbing Heating & Drainage Ltd on Whodoyou
19 Mar 2020

Job was done promptly. The 2 fellows from Papa Plumbing Heating & Drainage Ltd, who worked here were interactive with us, answered our questions and they got the job done, so it was good, thank you.
Recommendation for Zippee Carpet & Upholstery Cleaners on Facebook
16 Feb 2017

Josie H.: Great carpet cleaner (professional) ...who is also good with pet stains and odour.
Lillian M.: http://zippee.ca/
Recommendation for Zippee Carpet & Upholstery Cleaners on Facebook
16 Aug 2015

Jodie L.: Anyone know of a good but cheap carpet cleaning company? i was quoted 155$ at citrus o for my living room and 1 flight of stairs.. i dont know if thats reasonable?
Lori M.: www.zippee.ca Was quoted $90 living room, 1 flight of stairs, hallway!
Jacki B.: Zippee
Denise B.: Zippee
Recommendation for Paul Davis Systems on Facebook
24 Jul 2015

Teri D.: Seems we are all in the same boat today!! Recommendations on who to call to fix my ceiling and windows? (I have already called to get estimates for the roof itself). Insurance wants at least two estimates......... car and truck windshields have to wait as lines are busy everywhere.
Kelly J.: That's the name of the company Paul Davis Systems 403-342-4666
Recommendation for Edenvale Carpet & Upholstery Care on Facebook
12 Jul 2015

Jennifer L.: We had a minor leak that turned into a moderate moisture problem in our basement. Can anyone recommend an expert basement moisture/mold company who can properly demo and remove moist/mouldy wall and carpet and diagnose the problem? We are looking for someone who will do a proper job (ie with the zero air thing to protect the rest of the house) relatively quickly, but reasonably priced of course :). Thanks!
Samantha J.: First on Site. http://www.firstonsite.ca/
Recommendation for Zippee Carpet & Upholstery Cleaners on Facebook
15 Oct 2014

Sasha S.: What is the cheapest place to get carpet done? I want them to actually come in and do it its on my stairs, thanks!
Lena H.: http://www.zippee.ca
Lena H.: Zippee. Awesome. Fast, affordable & they were super friendly
Lena H.: Lol sorry Sasha. Well once u get them in get zippee to clean them ;)

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