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Review for Ocean Park Flowers on Directory
17 Aug 2022

We cannot express our gratitude and delight enough for our wedding flowers. Judy and Steve went above and beyond to keep the bride calm, realize and surpass our expectations and to having provided jaw-dropping arrangements for our wedding in July 2022. Words cannot express our thanks to you both ??
Recommendation for Hopcott Farms on Facebook
07 Jun 2018

Vancoover: Hey r/Vancouver, where do you buy your meat? Hey all, I'm looking for suggestions on a place to buy some good, high\-quality steaks and other cuts that also won't break the bank. I've been to a couple butcher shops in the city, but for the most part I've found them to be far, far more expensive than the supermarket. Is there a butchershop you go to that has good prices? Or is there a market or grocery store that tends to have a good selection of meat? I'm open to your suggestions! Now that it's summer I'd like to do some more grilling on the BBQ.
Geeklove99: Butcher shops tend to be more expensive because they tend to have higher quality product. (Before people freak out at this statement - yes, you can get good quality meat at the supermarket, and no, the butcher isnt always better quality.) I prefer [Hopcotts]( out in Pitt Meadows. Its a bit of a drive for me now, but I dont eat that much meat so its worth it for me to take the time and spend the money to get better quality.
Recommendation for Hansel & Gretel Bakery on Facebook
20 Feb 2018

Danielle P.: I need a wedding anniversary cake for my in laws 40th in April. Approx 30 people Any local suggestions TIA
Angela M.: Hansel and Gretel Bakery they are amazing!
Recommendation for Hansel & Gretel Bakery on Facebook
05 Feb 2018

Cheryl S.: Looking to have a specialty cake made that will feed at least 70 people, Any bakeries in Maple Ridge that are amazing
Angela M.: Hansel and Gretel Bakery does amazing work. Will find some pics of some of the cakes she's done for us
Recommendation for Parisian Lady Custom Design & Fit Boutique on Facebook
27 Dec 2017

Alisha J.: Is there anyone in the neighborhood that can alter/fix clothes? I thought I'd ask and support a home business before I go looking in town.
Anna W.:
Recommendation for Hansel & Gretel Bakery on Facebook
16 Nov 2017

Joanna B.: Does anyone know of anyone who does custom gluten free cakes?
Angela M.: Hansel and Gretel Bakery on Dewdney and 228 th.
Recommendation for Long Table Event Rentals on Facebook
23 Jun 2017

Roxanne H.: Recommendations for caterer and band for Farm party??
Jessica E.:
Keenan G.: Derek and Al Jarvis Roll'N Coal BBQ Catering
Recommendation for Hansel & Gretel Bakery on Facebook
21 Jun 2017

Catherine M.: Hey guys so I am in a bit of a pickle. My daughters bday party is this weekend and I had ordered cookies to be made in lieu of goody bags - and she had fallen sick and won't be able to make them anymore. Anyone know of anyone that does cookies that can have two dozen cookies for this weekend?! Probably a long shot being such short notice!
Jody N.: Hansel and Gretel Bakery
Recommendation for Long Table Event Rentals on Facebook
22 May 2017

Sarah B.: Can anyone recommend a delicious, friendly catering company that does weddings??? My friend is getting married this summer. She is hoping for a buffet style dinner for her guests.
Keenan G.: Roll'N Coal BBQ Catering My buddies here, they also have event rentals as well!

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