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Recommendation for Ymca Of Greater Vancouver on Facebook
16 Mar 2018

Heather K.: Looking to have my 12 year old take the babysitters course. Who do I call? ..... Obviously not Ghostbusters.
Catherine L.: The YMCA has one still. I work for them. Call 604-792-3371
Recommendation for Bc Healthy Kids Program on Facebook
06 Sep 2017

David M.: Anyone have info on the process for putting someone in Rehab? Locations, process and costs?? Not local person but I need advice on how to help a friend. Websites or contacts would be appreciated
Debra J.: Cost - covered by social assistance once a bed is confirmed. If not on social assistance, you can get it temporarily for treatment purposes as long as you can't afford it. 1-866-866-0800 Process - call the treatment facility and ask if they have a bed available and if so, show up. Treatment is voluntary so the person entering will have to call, although you can call to get info and lay the groundwork. This one has a good rep and is outside of the DTES, which can be a trigger for some. There are also second stage houses in the lower mainland as well as PG if they are a local that wants to come home after. Best of luck to them!
Recommendation for Ymca Of Greater Vancouver on Facebook
25 Jun 2015

Chilly P.: Where can I have my child register for Babysit course/class? TIA.
Kim E.: YMCA does it, so does Cheam Centre: 11 yrs+ Youth will learn skills that prepares them to take on the responsibilities of babysitting. Contact the Chillliwack Family YMCA at 604-792-3371 or
Recommendation for Chilliwack Resource Centre on Facebook
20 Dec 2014

Alison H.: As H&R Block is not open yet can anybody recommend a like service and a good price. Used Turbotax last year and it apparently did not submit our info (sent 3 but only one was processed). CRA say there has been lots of people having similar issues. Also need help trying to get caregivers back tax credits (unsure how we go about this). TIA FYI If you get an email from CRA it's not - this is a scam as I just got one and checked. Apparently they never send emails.
Teri T.: chilliwack Resource Centre 46240 Yale Road Chilliwack, BC V2P 2P3 Phone 604-702-9595 they do it for free or small donation
Recommendation for Ymca Of Greater Vancouver on Facebook
18 Jan 2014

Tyler S.: Somebody recommend me a good summer camp on Vancouver island, that they have went to as a kid or work at.
Sonia M.:

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