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Best Hiking Trails near Maple Ridge, BC


Looking for good hiking trails near Maple Ridge? We have prepared a small list of the most popular trails in this region. We hope you enjoy it and choose one of the trails near Maple Ridge for a short walk or run.

Widgeon Falls

Hike and paddle to Widgeon Falls. If you bring your gear, you may enjoy a spectacular waterfall and mountain views as well as wonderful backcountry camping. The overall distance is around a 1-hour round trip paddle and a 6km (3.7 mi) trek with negligible elevation increase.

The 12km (7.5 mi) trip from Pitt Meadows to Pitt Lake on Neaves Road is one of BC's most picturesque drives. This stretch of the journey seems like it's miles away from the city, although it's just 30-45 minutes from Vancouver, depending on traffic.

When you get to the parking area, grab your kayak or canoe ($50-100 for the day) and depart from the boat launch. Paddle to Widgeon Slough, a tiny part of Pitt Lake accessible from the boat launch through an easy and pleasant paddle west. Keep an eye out for creatures in the thick grasses.

Birds, bears, and deer are all possibilities. After approximately 30 minutes of paddling, you will come to a fork in the stream, commonly marked Widgeon Falls – choose the left branch.

Because Pitt Lake is tidal, the stream may be relatively shallow in some areas. This also implies that when you get to the campground immediately after turning off, you'll have to lift your vessel up onto the grasses to prevent it from drifting away while you hike.

Golden Ears Trail

The Lower Mainland is widely aware of Golden Ears. The West Canyon Trail is a leisurely 5.5-kilometer walk on a well-kept road dotted with deciduous trees that is ideal for watching the leaves change.

Beyond this point, the roadway turns into a trail, and you're exchanging your well-kept path for flowing riverbeds, boulder fields, and rock and root scrambles. The trek is beautiful since this park is the essence of a rainforest.

You'll arrive at 9 kilometers and receive your first taste of what's to come.

As you approach the ridgeline to the peak, the 'ears' lay majestically to your left. The view from the summit of Pincone Burke Provincial Park, Garibaldi Provincial Park, and sections of the Tantalus Range is wonderful.

Evans Peak Trail

The iconic Evans Peak Trail begins with a pleasant woodland accent before transitioning into a mountain ascent with infamously treacherous sections and long lengths to ascend.

Users can expect to spend most of the climb clinging to a variety of roots and trees. Until the intersection with Viewpoint Path and Evans Peak/Alouette Trail, the trail is quite simple for experienced hikers.

That's when it begins going up, up, and away, and users don't receive much relief from the slope after that. It becomes quite muddy and slippery as the path divides and users stay right at the Evans Peak and Alouette Mountain intersection, so be cautious where you go.

Alouette Mountain Trail

Alouette Mountain, situated in Golden Ears Provincial Park, provides the finest view of all of the routes that begin from the West Canyon Trails region, but travelers should schedule extra time for this rather strenuous walk, budgeting for five to seven hours round-trip. Because this trailhead parking lot closes after sunset, people who want to spend a long time here may stay overnight at the peak!