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Explore Surrey, Abbotsford, Langley, Chilliwack and other nearby cities in Fraser Valley.

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    The Fraser Valley: An Economic Powerhouse of British Columbia

    Nestled amidst rolling hills and fertile farmland, the Fraser Valley is a vibrant economic hub in British Columbia, Canada. This region boasts a diverse and thriving economy, contributing significantly to the province's overall prosperity.

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    Exploring the Scenic Beauty: Best Fraser Valley Bike Trails

    The Fraser Valley in British Columbia is a haven for outdoor enthusiasts, especially for cyclists. With its breathtaking landscapes, ranging from mountains to lush forests and rivers, the Fraser Valley offers some of the most picturesque and enjoyable bike trails in Canada. Whether you're a seasoned cyclist or just looking for a leisurely ride, there's a trail for everyone. Let's explore some of the best bike trails this region has to offer.

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    Best Hiking Trails near Maple Ridge, BC

    Looking for good hiking trails near Maple Ridge? We have prepared a small list of the most popular trails in this region. We hope you enjoy it and choose one of the trails near Maple Ridge for a short walk or run.

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    White Rock Legend

    White Rock is a city located in southwestern British Columbia. It is located on the northern bank of Semiahmoo Bay, just southeast of Vancouver, near the entrance to the Strait of Georgia. The city is named after a massive white rock that, according to Indian belief, was flung across the water by the son of a sea deity from Vancouver Island.

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    Chilliwack Housing Market

    The housing market in Chilliwack cooled slightly in May 2021, but with properties still flying off the market, it's the equivalent of moving from white to red hot.

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    Surrey Economic Development

    Surrey city is located in the British Columbia province and is part of Vancouver agglomeration. The local coastal climate is characterized by frequent precipitation in winter, thunderstorms in spring, warm summer and cool autumn. The city area includes smooth and hilly regions. The city territory unites several zones, particularly trade, industrial, where light industry enterprises, agricultural industry, residential neighborhoods and forest parks dominate.

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    Cost of living in Fraser Valley

    Fraser Valley is a region of the Fraser River Basin in southwestern British Columbia, near Fraser Canyon. Vancouver, the US border and Abbotsford Airport are also nearby. The Fraser River Valley is incredibly diverse and picturesque, there are a lot of opportunities for sports and a healthy lifestyle, day trips around the surroundings never get boring: Fraser Canyon is magnificent, here you can follow the footsteps of pioneers and gold prospectors or go rafting down the Chilliwack River.

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    Fraser Valley Wildlife

    The Fraser River originates in the Rocky Mountains of British Columbia, Canada.  The length of the river is almost one and a half thousand kilometers. Fraser flows into the Pacific Ocean and, in its delta, is one of the most beautiful cities in the world – Vancouver. The location near the ocean provides a mild climate, generally unusual for Canada. 

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    Agricultural Industry in the Fraser Valley

    The Fraser Valley ranks number one in the province’s agricultural economy, generating over $1 billion in gross farm income each year. One in five jobs in the Fraser Valley is related to the agricultural sector. The future looks promising, with demand for BC’s agri-food products on the rise both in local and foreign markets.

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    Summer activities in Fraser Valley

    Fraser Valley is British Columbia’s most significant farming region stretched between the Coast and the Cascade Mountains, in parallel to the Canada-United States border, runs above a hundred miles inland from the Pacific to the small town of Hope at its eastern end.

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    Fraser Valley Floriculture

    Floriculture is the growing of cut flowers, potted flowering and foliage plants, and bedding plants in greenhouses and fields. There are several thousand different species of flowers and plants that are grown as commercial crops. Cut flowers include such crops as roses, freesia, alstroemeria and snapdragons. Some of the favorite flowering potted plants available year-round are African violets, orchids, cyclamen and potmums (potted Chrysanthemums). 

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    Air Quality in Fraser Valley

    Fraser Valley Regional District is located in the Lower Fraser Valley airshed. It is surrounded by mountain ranges, combined with prevailing wind and weather patterns that can detain and even stop a spread of pollutants in the eastern portion of the valley. Look at the picture below. 

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    Fraser Valley History

    The history of the Fraser Valley began long ago, when the Fraser River took shape. The first people settled here over 10,000 years ago, taking advantage of the area’s beneficial geographical position. First settlers relied on the Fraser River for its ample resources and transportation routes. They traveled up and down the river and traded with other tribes. 

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    White Rock Economic Development

    Located in the southern British Columbia, White Rock is an important economic center of the Surrey province.

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    The Best Day Trips from Abbotsford

    Abbotsford is an amazing jump-off point for day trip adventures. Regardless if you are traveling with kids, friends, family or going solo, many places around Abbotsford are easily accessible by car or taxi. Read on to find out some ideas for short-term gateways to recharge your energy and create long-lasting memories!

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    TOP 3 Things to do in Maple Ridge

    Are you a nature enthusiast, adventurous traveler, foodie, or thrill seeker? Maple Ridge is a one-stop place for your unforgettable holiday and has something to suit every taste. Check out these top 3 things to do in Maple Ridge and explore the city like a local!