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Maple Ridge is a city in British Columbia, Canada. It is located in the northeastern section of Greater Vancouver between the Fraser River and the Golden Ears, which is a group of mountain summits which are the southernmost of the Garibaldi Ranges of the Coast Mountains. Currently, the City of Maple Ridge’s population is estimated at just more than 91,000 residents. Its downtown core is known as Haney.

On March 26, 2014, Maple Ridge residents voted to change the community's status from district municipality to city. Subsequently, Maple Ridge Council submitted its request for status change to the Minister of Community, Sport and Cultural Development. The status change became official on September 12, 2014, which coincided with Maple Ridge's 140th anniversary of municipal incorporation.

Maple Ridge consists of several different historical areas, including: Albion, Haney (downtown), Kanaka Creek, Ruskin, Webster's Corners, Whonnock, Iron Mountain, Silver Valley, Thornhill, Port Hammond, Yennadon.

Some of these areas are identified with a cultural group. For example, Albion and Webster's Corners represented many Finnish families who settled in the area. While the Port Hammond is known for its small cottages, mill houses are built by a local mill to house their workers. Ruskin is the location of the community hall of the Sons of Norway, although the area was founded by English followers of John Ruskin. Kanaka Creek was originally a community for Kanaka Fort Langley employees.

Workforce information

  • 2041 Population Estimate – 118,000
  • Median One-family Household Income – $99,899
  • Local Community Workforce – 45,855
  • Workforce within a 30-minute Commute – 800,000
  • Participation Rate – 68.9%
  • Unemployment Rate – 5.1%
  • Average Age – 40.1

It's no wonder that Maple Ridge is attracting attention as the new investment centre of the Lower Mainland. Residents and businesses are drawn to the city by spectacular natural beauty, affordability, diverse workforce and accessibility to major transportation.

Number of businesses in key sectors

  • Construction + Certified Trades – 1367
  • Business/Professional Service – 377
  • Retail – 65
  • Food/Beverage Service – 185
  • Manufacturing – 133
  • Wholesale – 84
  • E-Commerce/Direct Sales – 56
  • Technology – 73
  • Transportation – 57
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Largest Employment Sectors in Maple Ridge by "Stats Canada"

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