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Local Businesses in Langley, BC

The Township of Langley has developed into one of Metro Vancouver's most dynamic and appealing land markets. The Township is one of the fastest developing towns in the region, with everything from big international businesses and industrial output to specialized shops and agricultural produce. Business licenses have gradually increased year after year over the last decade, reaching a current number of 7,000 businesses.

Farming remains an important part of the local economy, with 75 percent of the Township's holdings designated to the Agricultural Land Reserve. The Township of Langley is home to 20 accommodation properties and roughly 300 food and beverage service companies, which provide about $30 million in yearly revenue for the town.

The Township of Langley is a great resource for Food and Beverage Processing businesses because of its vast agricultural land base, affordable industrial lands, and closeness to affluent local markets and distribution networks. This region is home to an estimated 55% of all BC food processing companies. Home-based companies are becoming more popular as e-commerce and telecommuting expand. It is estimated that 7.4 percent of British Columbia's workforce works from home.

The Township of Langley has been a popular choice for manufacturers looking for a location. Ample industrial land, low land prices, proximity to Vancouver and the US border crossing, a competent workforce, and good quality of life have made it the preferred location for many high-value, design-oriented, and labor-intensive enterprises.

Local Businesses in Langley, BC
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