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Recommendation for Yarrow Community Hall on Facebook
05 Jul 2016

Tabitha D.: Looking for places for a wedding reception!!! Hotels are ridiculously over priced, so I'm looking for a hall with or without a caterer TIA
Ashleen C.: Yarrow Community Hall is really husband's cousin & his wife had their wedding there...we were part of the wedding party and helped set up & clean up...It was was a great venue...Their wedding was 10 years ago but I remember quiet a few people being there and it held everyone!
Megan O.: Yarrow Community Hall is nice.
Soo K.: We're having our reception at the Yarrow Community Hall. It should fit 200 nicely and it has a full kitchen with plates for the caterer :). It's $500 for the day plus $100 per day if you want to set up early and clean up the next day.
Recommendation for Chilliwack Curling Club on Facebook
16 May 2016

Debbie L.: Any suggestions for a Hall/Banquet rental in the Chilliwack or surrounding area that is Reasonably priced and nice for a wedding reception??
Ali R.: Chilliwack Curling Club

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