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Recommendation for Corner Nook Cafe on Facebook
10 Mar 2018

Tanis G.: Are there any restaurant food challenges in or around Chilliwack? This is where they have huge portions that most people cant finish eating in one sitting.
Tamsyn S.: Corner Nook Caf has a pancake challenge
Recommendation for Tractorgrease Cafe on Facebook
22 Aug 2017

Kate F.: Looking for halls for a wedding next summer. Preferably cost effective with kitchen to hold 100-150 people. I found one for $500 for 3 days on camp river rd but its booked up every weekend. Any suggestions?
Janice P.: Tractorgrease Cafe has a new event area, outdoor kitchen, stage with screen/sound and even cabins to stay over if need be. Email Jeff Bonnet or Jodi Augustine at or call 604 858-3814. They aren't booked up for next year as far as I know, you just may have your pick of dates. And they are wonderful people.
Recommendation for Corner Nook Cafe on Facebook
27 May 2017

Casey H.: Best restaurant downtown?
Amber P.: Corner Nook Caf is AMAZING!
Dan G.: Another vote for Corner Nook Caf. That place is amazing!
Recommendation for Stomping Grounds on Facebook
11 Apr 2017

Harmony V.: Suggestions for a caterer??? This is what I need: We r wanting linens, tableware, glasses Fully catered ladies luncheon. We have tables and chairs.
Maureen J.: try Stomping Grounds
Recommendation for Harvest Store & Cafe on Facebook
23 Sep 2016

Kirstin G.: A friend of mine is Looking for a locally owned coffee shop, restaurant or cafe that is open at 7:00 am on weekdays, is not part of a chain AND possibly has a "party room" or semi-private area. If anyone has any ideas?
Corrie J.:
Recommendation for Tim Hortons on Facebook
31 May 2016

Sharon B.: Are there any meeting spaces in town that could hold 12 people. For a low cost instructional class? Hoping to find a space for a Saturday this month?
Lori G.: Also, check with Barb Drummond -- she has a great place in Grimshaw at the Grimshaw Business Center. 7803321580
Recommendation for Tractorgrease Cafe on Facebook
17 Dec 2015

Rebecca M.: Looking for somewhere to go for birthday drinks on a thursday night (tomorrow). Anywhere that has good specials or entertainment on Thursdays? We tried corky's last time but it was pretty lame. I see the Jolly Miller has live entertainment on Wednesday, nothing for thursdays? Thanks!
Patricia Q.: It's a bit of a drive, but have you ever gone out to Tractor Grease on Chwk. Lake Rd??? now that you would love!!
Recommendation for Hilltop Cafe on Facebook
29 Sep 2014

Robert M.: Can anyone recommend their favorite (if you have one) 50's style diner that is still open today? Particularly mention those that have both good food and the right 50's 'decor'. My nomination: Connie's Diner in Waterloo, NY
Darla T.:
Recommendation for Royal Cafe on Facebook
01 Sep 2014

Jack C.: A little off topic but....... What is the oldest restaurant in chilliwack?
Sharon H.:

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