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Recommendation for Maple Ridge / Pitt Meadows Community Services on Facebook
01 Mar 2017

Sally B.: Hi everyone. I have a friend who is currently going through a difficult separation. She has 6 children and her husband is refusing to give her financial help for them and has removed money from their account. Can anyone recommend a family lawyer that would be able to give her some advice on which direction to take, and who has very cheap rates as she is really struggling financially?
Susanne L.: Maple ridge community services (behind London drugs) they have lots of resources of where to get advice. 604-467-6911.
Recommendation for Eterna Counselling & Consulting on Facebook
19 Oct 2016

Carole D.: I am looking for a counsellor/psychologist for my 19 yr old son in the chilliwack area. Doesn't need to be free, cost isn't an issue. Editing to say he'd prefer a female. My apologies for not including that.
Kayla A.: Nicole Giesbrecht Eterna Counselling is in Abby but is AMAZING. The whole Eterna Counselling & Wellness staff is incredible. Incredibly warm, comfortable atmosphere.
Recommendation for Ann Davis Services on Facebook
08 Oct 2015

Jessica G.: I'm looking for a counselor/psychologist etc. One that specializes in dealing with children and divorce, and would be willing to write a report to the courts if necessary. TIA.
Raelene B.: Go to for all they offer.
Recommendation for Cares Counselling & Restoration Services on Facebook
10 Oct 2014

Jana N.: Looking for free counselling services for my mother. I feel we have looked everywhere with wait lists 3-7 months long. Looking for areas of anxiety, panic attacks, depression etc. Anyone know of any services in town? I dont mind paying for her if price is low. Thanks in advance :)
Clare E.: they are located in abbotsford and offer excellent help with minimal wait time. I hope this helps.

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