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Review for Randhawa Farms on Directory
15 Aug 2023

I live in Hamilton Ontario and got 2 - 10 lb. boxes of blueberries. Not planning on making jam, pies, or whatever, I just love blueberries. We're going to be sharing the 1 box with friends. The guy was super nice and allowed us to sample some and then topped the boxes up, so that the boxes were loaded with blueberries. Don't miss your opportunity to eat some awesome berries!
Recommendation for Hopcott Farms on Facebook
07 Jun 2018

Vancoover: Hey r/Vancouver, where do you buy your meat? Hey all, I'm looking for suggestions on a place to buy some good, high\-quality steaks and other cuts that also won't break the bank. I've been to a couple butcher shops in the city, but for the most part I've found them to be far, far more expensive than the supermarket. Is there a butchershop you go to that has good prices? Or is there a market or grocery store that tends to have a good selection of meat? I'm open to your suggestions! Now that it's summer I'd like to do some more grilling on the BBQ.
Geeklove99: Butcher shops tend to be more expensive because they tend to have higher quality product. (Before people freak out at this statement - yes, you can get good quality meat at the supermarket, and no, the butcher isnt always better quality.) I prefer [Hopcotts]( out in Pitt Meadows. Its a bit of a drive for me now, but I dont eat that much meat so its worth it for me to take the time and spend the money to get better quality.
Recommendation for Fantasy Farms Inc on Facebook
11 May 2016

Katie O.: Looking for a outdoors wedding venue or even a hay field to rent does anyone have suggestions? Thanks in advance
Sheryl Y.: fantasy farms offers something I believe
Recommendation for Hopcott Farms on Facebook
31 Jul 2015

Cheryl H.: Anyone know of a great local farm for quarter/ half cow purchase? Thanks :)
Dee S.:
Recommendation for Farm Girl Market on Facebook
13 Jul 2015

Andrea M.: Looking for a restaurant in chilliwack that has a decent gluten free menu! Any help would be great, thanks!
Kris I.: Farm Girl Market By the Canadian Tire advertise a Gluten Free.
Recommendation for Krause Berry Farms on Facebook
02 Jan 2015

Rebecca H.: Looking to take some rustic farm pics. Any ideas on where i could go?
Rosanne M.:
Rosanne M.: krause berry farms
Recommendation for Driediger Farms on Facebook
21 Jun 2014

Sheila G.: Looking for a place to buy strawberries, as local as possible. Recommendations?
Becky A.:

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