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Recommendation for Comfort Inn on Facebook
10 Sep 2019

Cathy M.: Morning guys : can someone recommend a dog friendly hotel in Chilliwack. I've stayed in some pretty nasty pee smelling rooms lately and I'm really wanting to avoid that this time. Thanks so much :)
Lydia M.: I go over for Dog Shows, a lot, and stay at Comfort Inn on 45405 Luckakuck Way 604-858-0636
Recommendation for Hope City Centre Motel on Facebook
26 Feb 2018

Jessica Q.: Thank you everyone for all your love and support in helping with my Mom. Our family will be coming out tomorrow and staying the night. Can anyone recommend a good hotel in town ? Janice Quade
Karen C.: Hi Jessica! My name is Karen and I run Hope City Centre Motel on Wallace St. We are centrally located next to popular restaurants, grocery and convenience stores, and CIBC bank. Feel free to get in touch with us if you'd like to book with us or check out our rooms. Our office number is 604 869 5500.
Dave C.: City Centre Motel! Karen Cheung
Pat H.: Hope City Centre Motel , is in walking distance to most everything in town, restaurants , Buy /Low foods next door , CIBC 2 minutes walk and very nice owners.. I am so sorry for the loss of your mom
Recommendation for Ramada Inn on Facebook
25 Sep 2017

Jane L.: Looking for suggestions where I could rent a room to teach a sign language class.
Lou B.: Try Ramada.. Cathy Winter.. call 613-9338000
Recommendation for Hope City Centre Motel on Facebook
15 Jun 2017

Lorena R.: Anyone know Which is the best most reasonable motel/ hotel in town?
Karen C.: Hi Leanne! I run the Hope City Centre Motel and would love to help you in finding accommodations in town. Feel free to check out TripAdvisor or to see some of our excellent reviews. I am always around the motel and would be happy to serve you. You can give us a call any time at 604 869 5500.
Randy J.: City Centre Motel gets good ratings
Arthur S.: City centre motel Karen Cheung
Dave C.: City Centre Motel
Recommendation for Ramada Inn on Facebook
24 May 2017

Amy O.: Hello, I was wondering where the best places in town to host a baby shower would be? I'm looking to book a hall for about 40 people in a few months and could use suggestions on location and possible prices. Thanks in advance!
Lou B.: Ramada for sure! 613-933.8000
Recommendation for Ramada Inn on Facebook
08 May 2017

Courtney S.: Where are good places for wedding venues for receptions?
Sue-Anne A.: Ramada Cornwall
Recommendation for Ramada Inn on Facebook
12 Apr 2017

Ashley D.: Anyone know of any places around the cornwall/ingleside area that has a outdoor venue for small wedding receptions?
Cathy W.: Ramada Cornwall. Give Nancy a call 613-933-8000 x 7681.
Recommendation for Hope Windsor Motel on Facebook
21 Jan 2017

Zabrina S.: Hi everyone. I had a couple questions. I am staying with a friend. Because I got removed from my place I rented. I refused to pay 3000$ to my landlord because my basement flooded and it was from septic etc anyways I got removed and I need help finding a storage place for my things and also was wanting to stay in a hotel until I found a place to live which would be until feb1st At the moment I can't afford a storage unit :( for mine and my 4 children's things. It is outside my old house waiting for storage.. stuck Prefer chilliwack because work is out there to support us but no hotels are free for an other week :/ need a storage place and a place to live my couches beds dressers are in the snow outside old place :(
Terrance B.: 6048699944
Terrance B.: If you want to call the Windsor Motel we might be able to help you. We have full kitchenettes
Recommendation for Hope City Centre Motel on Facebook
12 Jan 2017

Angela S.: I'm looking for a good hotel recommendations for Hope BC for 3 adults for February 11-14th also I would like one that has a pool
Karen C.: Hope City Centre Motel has vacancy and kitchenette available on these dates. While we do not have an on-site pool, we would be glad to assist you in getting some tickets for the Hope Rec Center. You can check us out on

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