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Largest Fleet of Taxis in Chilliwack. Courier Delivery. Jump Start. Direct Line at Major Grocery Stores. New Corporate Accounts Welcome. Accounts for Staff Parties. Free Senior Shuttle service to Safeway & Save-On Foods.

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13 Jul 2021
My experience with Chilliwack Taxi was just lovely. Very courteous, prompt and helpful. I enjoyed it very much. Thank you.
25 May 2021
I had a good experience with Chilliwack Taxi. They were prompt. They took me exactly where I want to go and I'll use them again many times.
20 Apr 2021
I have nothing to complain about Chilliwack Taxi, always here right away. They've always been perfect people to be a taxi drivers. Thank you very much.
03 Apr 2021
Chilliwack Taxi is very well. They're courteous and I will use them again.
07 Feb 2021
Chilliwack Taxi service is fine, we are they happy with everything.
07 Feb 2021
Chilliwack Taxi is always the greatest taxi. Thank you.
23 Jun 2020
Hollo! I really like Chilliwack Taxi. They're friendly, they're efficient, they're on time and I enjoy when I speak to somebody on the phone who speaks English clearly and understands where I live, thank you.
18 May 2020
Chilliwack Taxi was Ok, but I don't like being in the back seat because I have troubles getting in and out of the back seats right now, so the driver suggested to ask for that if I'm having trouble. Maybe guys should have a shill for a front seat area too for people who have trouble getting in and out. There are shills for the driver only...
16 Mar 2020
Chilliwack Taxi is generally good. I did have to wait one night last Friday for half an hour in the cold rain. That was kind of annoying, I phoned back and got a good response and came quickly. Generally good, thank you.
Jack K.
06 Mar 2020
Taxi service from Chilliwack Taxi was excellent, thank you.
09 Feb 2020
The service from Chilliwack Taxi was fantastic. I have no complaints whatsoever, they were always here on time, back on time, drivers were courteous and everything's good.
27 Jan 2020
We were quite satisfied with Chilliwack Taxi, enjoyed the ride. Thank you very much. Everything was fine.
28 Mar 2019
It was good. Chilliwack Taxi delivered my husband to the home. Driver was very pleasant. I would use Chilliwack Taxi again, thank you.
Marilyn B.
27 Jan 2019
I found Chilliwack Taxi to be very pleasant and It actually came to everything my expectations. It was just fine and I'm probably going to use it at the end of the month again.
Dale R.
27 Jan 2019
Good experience with Chilliwack Taxi. No complaints.
27 Jan 2019
Yeah I had a great experience with Chilliwack Taxi, they were on time, took me where I wanted to go as fast as they could and it was all good, thanks.
Irene B.
30 Dec 2018
Well I was quite pleased with Chilliwack Taxi, thank you.
30 Dec 2018
Chilliwack Taxi is Excellent and fast.
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Chilliwack Taxi

45877 Hocking Ave Chilliwack, BC
(604) 795-9111
(888) 208-1663

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