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Review for Doris' European Delicacies on Directory
09 Apr 2023

Amazing Deli, loved their selection and friendly service. My lunch was amazing !
Review for Doris' European Delicacies on Directory
01 Jun 2022

I went to Doris Deli for the first time yesterday, as I was in the area. The gentleman working there was unfriendly, and looked miserable. I bought a pre-made sandwich from the case, and when he rang it up, he accused me of stealing hand cream. I was shocked, offended and embarrassed. I have grandchildren, and have never stolen a thing in my life! I paid for my sandwich and walked out. I should have just left the sandwich and walked out. When I got to my car, I unwrapped the sandwich, it was wet. I didn't want to go back in there and deal with that jerk. But I will never step foot in there again.
Recommendation for La Charcuterie on Facebook
19 Mar 2016

Victoria O.: What are your favourite local restaurants, coffee shops, or places to grab lunch or dinner? I'm getting sick of the corporate stores like Cactus Club, Earls, etc. and am looking for some smaller, independent food spots in the Langley area that are delicious :) (Langley Township and Cloverdale area only please, otherwise this is too broad)
Matthew B.: This guy, all day.
Recommendation for Bodhi Natural Market on Facebook
04 Jan 2016

Brittany Z.: Where would the most affordable place to buy organic produce be near Albion? I don't mind driving closer to central Maple Ridge if need be. Thanks and Happy New Year :)
Deborah R.:
Recommendation for Multi Pack Foods & Deli on Facebook
15 May 2015

Brooke B.: Looking for the best Dutch deli's and delicatessens for a Dutch friend. Plus cheese farms etc. TIA!!
Amber C.:
Recommendation for Yellow Deli The on Facebook
13 Nov 2014

Judy S.: ISO a nice restaurant in Yarrow to take a friend for lunch on her birthday thanks.. :-)
Tina T.: Yarrow really is not a bust if you check out or Both located in the heart of Yarrow. :)
Recommendation for Doris' European Delicacies on Facebook
19 Apr 2014

Ivana A.: Any European shop in Chilliwack?
Cindy S.: Doris' European Deli Now Doris' brother Helmut Jr. is the German Sausage Master producing the 75+ varieties of European meats. Located in Vernon, B.C., the production facility is ...

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