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Review for Birch Bark Kennels Ltd on Directory
17 Apr 2023

We bought a female Siberian Husky puppy for $1500.00. After a couple of weeks it was obvious that the dog had a problem with her left hind leg. We took her to the vet and he said she would require surgery costing thousands of dollars to make it right. No guarantee. When we contacted Birch Bark Kennels and informed her of the vet's diagnosis she disavowed any responsibility on their part. When we asked for our money back she refused but offered a full grown male instead. Hardly what we paid for. We couldn't afford a vet bill for thousands of dollars so we tried to help Niki (our pup's name) deal with her affliction. Niki's inability to put weight on her left hind leg and the concomitant limping has worsened as of late. I dread the day when she can no longer walk on her own. I only gave Birch Bark Kennels 1 star because 0 was not an option.
Review for Posh Paws City Kennel on Directory
14 Apr 2023

At first we thought Posh Paws was a good daycare for our girl. They have a large facility for dogs to run around and our girl would return home tired at the end of the day. However, a few months ago we picked her up only to find a large lump on her face and she was having difficulty breathing. Staff hadn't notice anything up until we arrived to pick her up - we thought that was strange, but maybe just a fluke. Yesterday something similar happened: our poor girl had a large gash on her face which went unnoticed until we picked her up at 4:00pm. The fact that this happened in the first place and then went unnoticed tells us that there is minimal supervision or care for the dogs. After more than $500 in vet bills and a dog in terrible pain, we unfortunately do not feel comfortable leaving our girl here again. We know that accidents happen, but we are posting this review because we would like to ensure that other families know the risks of leaving their dogs at this facility and we hope that Posh Paws will work towards a higher standard of supervision.
Review for Country Squire Boarding Kennels on Directory
11 Jun 2022

We have left our Staffordshire Bull Terriers with Country Squire several times. They are wonderfuL !!! They are so knowledgeable of the breeds and on top of everything, We trust them to look after our boys and keep them safe. They honestly are the best !!!
Recommendation for Posh Paws City Kennel on Facebook
02 Mar 2018

Sheila M.: Were going to be moving either April 1st or may 1st, so Im looking for cat boarding ( if there is any) just for the day were moving, I would hate for doors to be left open on either end, we have 4 but can be housed together
Doreen S.: Posh Paws City Kennel
Recommendation for Ola Puppy Dog Grooming on Facebook
16 Nov 2017

Trevor W.: Does anyone have a suggestion for a local dog boarder? Looking for one for smaller dogs.
Jacqueline L.: Yes!!! Ola puppy +1 (604) 465-0909
Recommendation for Dog Gone Grooming Salon on Facebook
01 Oct 2017

Jenn D.: A friend is looking for a dog groomer in Maple Ridge Recommendations?
Doug-Cathy G.: I have 2 large dogs and this place is great PLUS they have 50% off during certain months. Right now it's on up until the first of Dec. Great prices, great job, and great people. Dog-Gone Grooming Salon Pet groomer in Maple Ridge, British Columbia Address: 11240 206 St, Maple Ridge, BC V2X 1T2 Phone: (604) 460-0878 Province: British Columbia
Recommendation for At River's Edge Kennel on Facebook
19 Aug 2017

Laura M.: A very last minute question - is there anyone in Hope who does day care for dogs? We have a wedding in Abbotsford and our blind 4 month old dog needs a place to to be for the afternoon and early evening. This is a paying gig.
Susan B.: Diana Decker at River's Edge Kennel might have space available. Her number is 604 869-5366. She's located in Hope :)
Recommendation for Bullinger Shepherds on Facebook
14 Jun 2017

Kelsey D.: Im still looking for a breeder who is able to ship a puppy to Canada (male or female, preferably Male who will grow big) but everyone that i have went to cannot ship to here because i apparently dont have a major airport in my town. Idk if this is a must. But i cant drive out of town it would cost more than the puppy itself. I want to keep my shipping budget in the $350 range if possible. Please let me know if you can help. Really looking for a german shepherd puppy
Michelle R.:
Recommendation for Dog Gone Grooming Salon on Facebook
23 May 2017

Sandra S.: Does anyone groom/shave shelties? Local dog groomer needed for my out of town doggie Wednesday or Thursday please!
Phil G.: Dog gone grooming in hammond...604-460-0878

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